Dragon Lady- a Chinese tradition slot machine

I love to make drawing like cartoon characters and tattoos. So I decided to make it my work to earn money and I am very much passionate about my work. When I was in Chicago first I stated this there. And I found people are very interested in this stuff. There on my shop I met a girl and she was very pretty and simple girl. I observed he had very keen interest in this art. So I asked her for number and she gave me with smile. I started conversation with her and invited her to go with movie.

One day I was checking my facebook account and I found there some advertisement related to gambling games for example game of thrones and dragon lady. The name dragon lady sounds like some evils and witches. But it is a very simple and amazing game. It is based on the Chinese themes. In this symbols to be matched and you can win some bonuses and prizes.

It is a 5 reel with forty payline slot which was developed by the microgaming. In this gamer has more than ten symbols which he has to match at least 3 symbols at a time then he will be able to play a jackpot round. The dragon lady can help you to win a big and handsome amount with this machine. I think this is the best and easy way to earn money. But sometime people bet a huge amount on a single game and sometime they lose that money. So here I would suggest you to play in a limit. So play in a limit and when you sure about your move then bet with a big jackpot. Or I can say some time it also depends on the luck as well. So good luck for all the readers, who are reading this article and hope this would help you.