I remembered that day when I went to my cousin’s birthday party. And we had so much fun, there I met a boy. Actually he was one of close friend of my cousin. He was looking so dashing and smart and I was very attracted to him. So I talked to him and I found him very cute so we exchanged our numbers and I got back to home.

Next day when I woke up in the morning then I found some message in my phone, it was him. I talked him almost the whole day. Next day we decided to meet at pub. So I went there and we had some drinks and dance together or I can say I really enjoyed the whole night. After that we went at casino which was behind the pub because he is a big game freak and some I time I also prefer to these betting games because of my brother.

There he showed me some online casino games in his phones and he told me about his current game which he was playing “Bobs Bowling Bonanza”. And it was sound quite interesting. There we played some slots and we won some cash so after that we did more drink there and back to our home.

Next morning I had nothing to do the whole day because it was weekend. So in the noon I opened my iPhone and did download the pokie machine in my phone. I thought before start playing I should search some about that one and I tried and won a big amount from it.